[VIDEO] Mass Effect: The Animated Series

Sorry for the break, I was out sick! I spent most of my recovery time in bed watching cartoons…  and this one is my new favorite!
By Harry Partridge, submitted by smashpro1

Arrow to the knee, you say?

Arrow to the knee, you say? I took a missle to the face

Arrow to the knee? Missile to the face? BITCH, PLEASE I took a nuke to the EVERYTHING

I swore I wasn’t going to post any “arrow to the knee” stuff… but with these two mocking those whiners I just couldn’t help it.
By , xtremeradness and FraggotMan respectively

Commander Shepard’s Facebook Page

Commander Shepard's Facebook Page
Click for full page!

I would be surprised that Shepard has such an active Facebook page, but the guy does tend to have a surprising amount of free time.
Submitted by Leo