[NEWS] Some More Japan Tsunami Relief Events!

I’ve got two more quick Japan tsunami relief things to post, just in case you guys have any more money laying around that didn’t go to MAGFest’s charity event or those fancy TF2 hats!

[NEWS] Some More Japan Tsunami Relief Events!

The first one is a series of auctions by our friends at Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged! If you’re a fan of duel monsters they’ve got a ton of cards and other collectible things up for auction on eBay that you may or may not be interested in! And of course the proceeds are going to Japan relief efforts!

Wordy Hero Poster

The other fundraiser item you might want to check out is from my buddy Josh Mirman, who we’ve done some shirts and posters for on Level Up Studios. He’s got a limited set of 75 “Wordy Hero” posters which are signed and numbered, with a portion of the profits going to Japan relief and the other portion going to his rock opera project that he’s been raising money for. A rare chance to get this amazing 18″x 24″ poster signed by the artist!

So yeah just wanted to make sure we got those mentioned! If you haven’t yet, be sure to donate some money for Japan tsunami relief effort!