[VIDEO] Barack Obama Sings the Pokemon Theme Song

Our President would make one hell of a gym leader!
By baracksdubs, submitted by Josh Mirman

Election Day

If they wanted me to vote so bad they would’ve put a voting booth at GameStop for the midnight launch.
Made by Me.

editors note: Shawn was supposed to post this on Monday, but he didn’t. Thanks Shawn.

I’m Commander Obama…

I'm Commander Obama...

I’m Commander Obama… and this is the most presidential Shepard on the Citadel!
Submitted by VGScoot

Space Core Finds Out About NASA’s Budget Cuts

Space Core Finds Out About NASA's Budget Cuts

Some people took NASA’s budget cuts a little harder than others…
By G-Man



Political advertising paid for by the Pewter City Committee for the Advancement of Rock Type Pokémon. By Amanda Roback (via Brock Obama), submitted by Jakorap