Dr. Wily’s Stage Blueprints

Dr. Wily's Stage Blueprints

I guess you never really appreciate how much work Dr. Wily puts into his level design until you see the blueprints behind them!
From Brawl in the Family

Tatsunoko vs Mega Man 2

Tatsunoko vs Mega Man 2

Cabal K figured if Yatterman can crossover in Tatsunoko vs Capcom, maybe he could sneak into some other Capcom games as well?

[VIDEO] Mega Man 10 Easy Mode

Oh sure, Steve‘s video is an exaggeration, but if you saw the real video of Mega Man 10’s “easy mode” you would see this is not all that far from the truth… :/

[VIDEO] what if the theme from Final Fantasy HAD LYRICS?

Another classic video game tune given the Brentalfloss treatment! Or should I say… brenTREEfloss? No… I shouldn’t.

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