[VIDEO] Want You Gone – Fan Music Video

Not really a comedy thing per se, but people keep sending it in… so here is ‘s fan made Portal 2 music video! I will admit it’s pretty cool, although obviously quite spoilerific.
Submitted by several people.

Space Core Finds Out About NASA’s Budget Cuts

Space Core Finds Out About NASA's Budget Cuts

Some people took NASA’s budget cuts a little harder than others…
By G-Man

[VIDEO] Pinkie Pie Likes Space

Fact Core: It is well known that pony’s like to have a large amount of space to run in. Some ponies however are much more obsessed with space.
By , submitted by Mark A.

[VIDEO] Space Trial

At least he didn’t go up against the Fact Sphere, that would be a much tougher case to win!

[VIDEO] Adventure Punch!

This would have been a better final battle for Portal 2… but I mean, there’s a falcon punch in it so I guess that goes without saying.



Fact Core… with the power of knowledge!
Adventure Core… with the power of courage!
Space Core… with the power of flight!
Wheatley… with the power of… well… he’s not a moron!
Also he has a British accent that makes him a good leader, right?
By Psuedofolio, submitted by Mr. Raccoon

Dad, I’m in space! Play it cool, here come Space Cops.

Dad, I'm in space! I'm proud of you, son. Dad, are YOU space? Yes. Now we are a family again.

Ooh! Play it cool playitcool. Here come here come Space Cops. Here come Space Cops...

Space trial! Putting the system on trial, in space! Space system... GUILTY!!! ...of being in space!

Once he finally got into space, Space Core had quite a few adventures! Of course most of them involved being put in space jail.
By SpaceCore

[VIDEO] Space Core meets the Engineer

We gotta move that gear up! Thousands of miles straight up!
By , submitted by Nick B.

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