[VIDEO] Sex in Video Games

If this game’s a rockin’, don’t come a knockin’!
By GoldenMoustacheVideo

[VIDEO] On A Boat E3 2011 MegaMix

At first I was skeptical, but after watching this I have to agree there actually was a hell of a lot of boats showing up in the video games at this year’s E3.
By FirstPlayUK, submitted by spplmjALOLZ

[VIDEO] Gaming’s Next Top Princess

This recent MAD animated series clip shows what happens when the ladies of video gaming compete to see who’s the top in their field!

[VIDEO] The Wii Didn’t Start the Fire

Should it worry me that this song sums up my entire life in four minutes? Nah…
By PopeFriction, submitted by KHPandaZ and smashpro1