There’s a reason they muted out all that polite clapping… some of it is just WEIRD.
A new GrumpOut video submitted by Raguio

Trainer A sends out Honedge!

Trainer A sends out Honedge!

If you’re gonna trust ten year old kids with powerful monsters, you can certainly trust them with deadly combat weapons!
A This Serious comic by ByronB!

[VIDEO] Pokéholics Anonymous

The dangers of addiction are deep and troubled, don’t make it doubled! Get to your nearest Pokéholics Anonymous group today.
By Underbelly, with a special guest appearance!


SMEARGLE - The perfect date rapist

All the moves in the world and you taught Smeargle those four? You’re one messed up trainer!
Submitted by Masterluigi452

[VIDEO] STD’s: Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

So wrong. So very very wrong. And I’m not just talking about that weird lookin’ Jigglypuff!
By brentalfloss and Underbelly, submitted by several people.

[VIDEO] Cowboys & Pokemon

Pikachu’s coming… AND HELL’S COMING WITH HIM.
By X-Play. submitted by several people

[VIDEO] Pokemon Tall Grass PSA (Starring Professor Oak)

How do you make a video like this exponentially more awesome? Get the actual voice actor of Professor Oak to dress up and star in it!
By Underbelly

[VIDEO] Smash Eater

Oh you kids, I know how you love your animes! That’s why when Uzumakiclan43 sent in these two Smash Bros style Soul Eater openings I figured, I better post these to meet my new Halolz anime themed quota of the week!
Videos by and respectively.

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