[VIDEO] Gaming’s Next Top Princess

This recent MAD animated series clip shows what happens when the ladies of video gaming compete to see who’s the top in their field!


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Daaaaaw. On an unrelated note, I have to go dress up my cats like Deadpool and Dr. Doom and have them fight to the death!
By suzuran, submitted by Dr. Furry

[VIDEO] Two Best Friends Play MvC3

When two best friends play Marvel vs Capcom 3, the fate of two worlds is looking grim!
Another great video by theswitcher, submitted by several people

[VIDEO] Marvel vs Capcom 3: Iron Man and Girls Girls Girls

We all knew Tony Stark loves the ladies, but I had no idea how much he hated pants!
I think there’s a Frisky Dingo joke in there somewhere.
By JohnnyUtah [Newgrounds], submitted by Alex H.

[VIDEO] Marvel vs Capcom 3 – Hyper Combo Finishes

Every level 3 hyper combo in Marvel vs Capcom 3? I came.
Also as an added bonus, all the character specific smack talk taunts!
[via ScrewAttack]

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Doodles

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Comics - Haggar's Galactus Slam

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Comics - Wolverine vs Hsien-Ko
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Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Charging Starbucks
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Marvel vs Capcom 3 Comics - Darkstalkers
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Marvel vs Capcom 3 Comics - Arthur vs Magneto
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Marvel vs Capcom 3 Comic - Mega Man Suicide

Yes… Marvel vs Capcom 3 is almost out! You know what that means, more crazy crossovers and more heartbreaking disappointment! (Really? No Frank West, Mega Man or Phoenix Wright? COME ON.)
Awesome doodles by Matsu-sensei, found by K_o_Incoherency and ALBATOS