[VIDEO] Alliance vs. Horde – Mists of Pandaria

Better late than never I guess!
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What if Kratos were in every game?

What if Kratos were in every game?

I know how much you guys love Kratos, so when I heard a website called IDDQD had taken the liberty of photoshopping him into a bunch of other games, I figured you guys would be thrilled to see the results!
[via Joystiq]

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[VIDEO] World of Warcraft: Cataclysm – Cinematic Intro

It’s another one of those occasional, non-humor themed video posts… but still you have to hand it to Blizzard, they sure can punch out an awesome opening cinematic. Almost makes me want to hop back into WoW for a little bit when this is released!

Also a sidenote: If you’re a fire breathing, earthquake causing city sized dragon with wings that spread giant flames with every flap… do you REALLY need pieces of armor nailed into you? Better safe than sorry I guess but still…