[VIDEO] Super Mario Busters

I ain’t afraid of no boo!
By James Farr, submitted by Psyguy

[VIDEO] Super Mario RPG: Waltz of the Forest

It’s a bit of a classic, but our friend Kirbopher’s “Waltz of the Forest” animation recently hit one million views on YouTube, and I’ve always liked this video!

[VIDEO] Boos Meet a Real Ghost

The ghosts of the Mushroom Kingdom aren’t exactly tormented souls…
By Dorkly and Caldwell!

The 120 Stars of Super Mario 64

The 120 Stars of Super Mario 64

When Kit Sovereign illustrates it like this, getting all the stars in Mario 64 doesn’t seem hard at all!
Now available as a poster at Level Up Studios!

[VIDEO] Regular Guiseppe, The Third Mario Bro.

It’s tough being the responsible brother.
By Dorkly

King Boo’s Victory

King Boo's Victory

Finally, victory for the boos! It’s… not exactly how I pictured it though…
Artist unknown

Power Pellet Power Up

Power Pellet Power Up

Finally a suit to counter those Boo’s!
By beware1984

[VIDEO] It’s a Wonderful Extra Life

To Luigi! The greatest plumber in the Mushroom Kingdom! Okay that’s not true… but he’s still an important bro!
By Dorkly, submitted by smashpro1


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