How the Guatemalan sinkhole really happened

I guess since it didn’t hit Termina the moon just kept on going? Either way I was wondering how the Guatemalan sinkhole got that weird shape!
Found by Banette

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Posted by Shawn Handyside on June 5, 2010 · 9:51 AM 
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128 Responses to “How the Guatemalan sinkhole really happened”

  1. VideoGameGeek on June 5th, 2010 1:57 pm


  2. Onecanofsprite on June 5th, 2010 2:12 pm

    I guess you could say
    Hole-y Shit.

  3. Leo058 on June 5th, 2010 2:13 pm

    Sinkhole Moon is watching you masturbate.

  4. Meiou on June 5th, 2010 10:21 am

    see this is why we cant always sit around and rely on some mysterious hero to show up and save us!

  5. ArmyOfMidgets on June 5th, 2010 2:22 pm

    Moon: …help! i'm stuck in here! …link? that kid with the mask? anybody?! …i won't try to crush the planet again!…. i should have studied to become a doctor moon like my mother said….

  6. codemaster525 on June 5th, 2010 2:45 pm

    No apple could have done that.

    +1 for those who get it.

  7. Ninjarocker115 on June 5th, 2010 2:52 pm


  8. MrRaccoon on June 5th, 2010 2:53 pm

    Been there, Guatemala, and let me tell you, unless skull kid has enough time to pay all the "police" officers, his own trasport and his own machiniery, and enough money to bribe the goverment, he won't get the moon anytime soon

  9. Gamage on June 5th, 2010 10:54 am

    Also, looks like Guatemala just got


  10. TehVortex on June 5th, 2010 3:00 pm

    Thou hast little sympathy to a community that cannot simply recite the Song of Time.

  11. EphEphEcksIII on June 5th, 2010 3:20 pm

    The four giants don't pay attention to Guatemala.

  12. Xyxoz on June 5th, 2010 3:20 pm


  13. BlueChameleon on June 5th, 2010 3:22 pm

    I've still got my eye on you, moon…

  14. Alpar on June 5th, 2010 3:41 pm

    So….what tree did this apple fall from?

  15. TheFancyPants on June 5th, 2010 3:42 pm

    that moon is

  16. Last on June 5th, 2010 11:43 am

    question: the moon in the bottom of that hole is it made of cheese?

  17. Taco77 on June 5th, 2010 3:46 pm

    It's a Sad day when people make jokes about your country of Origin

  18. Dr.Panda on June 5th, 2010 3:55 pm

    Optional Picture: Wild Giant Diglet appears!

  19. Hareoic on June 5th, 2010 4:09 pm


  20. AuraMaster on June 5th, 2010 4:18 pm

    I wonder if the moon's name is Brent, and that's the only hole he could fit through?

  21. Roflcopter419 on June 5th, 2010 4:31 pm

    …the moon is smaller than I remember.

  22. Hakokoro on June 5th, 2010 4:54 pm

    Seven days..i mean..3 days…

  23. nobrain on June 5th, 2010 5:07 pm

    "Three days… three days!"

    Heh, it's as big as heavy's ass.

  24. Arb on June 5th, 2010 1:12 pm

    I guess this sinkhole


    Was in the name oh the moon.

  25. Link4all on June 5th, 2010 5:32 pm

    Guess the moon showed who was really made of holes.

  26. spaghettiweegee on June 5th, 2010 1:33 pm

    I think Majora's Mask is a pretty cool guy, eh makes Guatemalan sinkholes and doesn't afraid of anything

  27. Leo058 on June 5th, 2010 6:23 pm

    -1 Troll. I shall fix.

  28. BulletproofMoon on June 5th, 2010 6:39 pm

    Three days…Three days…Three days…

  29. Miles on June 5th, 2010 2:42 pm

    Wait, how did the moon do that after Kirby ate it?

  30. Marzen on June 5th, 2010 7:18 pm


  31. Kalathar on June 5th, 2010 7:20 pm

    There is no moon….

  32. BoxeyBrown on June 5th, 2010 7:33 pm

    Well, it looks like Link did not finish his job in time.

  33. NekoKnight on June 5th, 2010 8:25 pm

    Reminds me of that asteroid in starwars that they fly into only to find it's a giant worm creature, and say "This is no cave" or something.

    "That's no moon."
    "Actually, this time it is."

  34. nobrain on June 5th, 2010 8:54 pm

    Talk about anti-climax, only penetrated the Earth to create a hole rather than destroying it. Poor moon, big ambitions, little results.

  35. LinkyBS on June 5th, 2010 10:12 pm

    You know, no matter what, that sink hole always looks shopped to me. I don't know why.

  36. Banette on June 6th, 2010 12:47 am

    Once it hits the Earth's core, I think we're screwed.

  37. MasterLuigi452 on June 6th, 2010 1:00 am

    3 days until mass destruction of sink holes…

  38. Dr_Hax on June 5th, 2010 10:37 pm

    This is mildly disturbing….

  39. Juggernaut470 on June 6th, 2010 7:51 am

    That moon is a spy!

  40. Alpar on June 6th, 2010 12:20 pm



  41. piclemaniscool on June 6th, 2010 9:43 pm

    when i saw the sinkholde it reminded me of fantastic 4: 2

  42. Killamakaze on June 6th, 2010 8:34 pm

    3 days…

  43. Sir_McCloud on June 9th, 2010 2:14 am


    That's just fucking creepy. Sorry.
    What's worse is that I was already freaked by something earlier.
    DAMMIT LINK! WHY? Instead of saving the world, you decided to take to the seas to make really awkward beats with Tingle! FUUUUU….

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