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Take a look, it’s in a book – Reading Rainboooooow!
Created by RDCarneiro, found by Exalt

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Posted by Shawn Handyside on August 19, 2008 · 9:11 AM 
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44 Responses to “IMAGINATION”

  1. supernoob on August 19th, 2008 9:17 am

    Wth? :[

  2. Koth on August 19th, 2008 9:21 am

    Spongebob/Solid Snake crossovers FTW.

  3. Aaron Hong on August 19th, 2008 9:34 am

    Anyone else reminded of that ‘livin’ in a cardboard box’ song?

  4. B-mac on August 19th, 2008 10:37 am

    HAHAHAHAH! This is a hilarious crossover. 5/5

  5. Red on August 19th, 2008 10:42 am


  6. PK Fire on August 19th, 2008 10:59 am

    oh god I had to read the comments to understand this joke but I’ve seen this episode… it was just 2 years ago lol.

    4/5 cuz snake could’ve been made better.

  7. IvanaBAnonymous on August 19th, 2008 11:01 am

    Come with me
    And you’ll be
    In a world of
    Pure imagination
    Take a look
    And you’ll see
    Into your imagination

  8. FloppyToast on August 19th, 2008 11:20 am

    I lol’d. 5/5

  9. Myrmidont on August 19th, 2008 11:59 am

    ‘Sneak Attack’? Meh, whatever.

    5/5 for pure awesome, though.

  10. OMGakbar on August 19th, 2008 12:21 pm

    Don’t look its a trap.

    My poor eyes they hurt so much

  11. Dark Light on August 19th, 2008 12:56 pm

    I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw it. All I could think about was “Imaaaaaaaginaaaation!”

  12. Bass-Net on August 19th, 2008 1:04 pm

    that is just awesome, little creepy, but awesome


  13. Karanamos on August 19th, 2008 1:39 pm

    4/5, but only because the rainbow’s supposed to have red on top and purple on bottom. Still hilarious

  14. Kal on August 19th, 2008 2:12 pm

    Looks like snake finally came out of his box ;D

  15. Pauld'Arbonne on August 19th, 2008 2:30 pm

    Great, that image is gonna haunt me all day. 5/5

  16. Boreas on August 19th, 2008 2:43 pm

    This reminds me of some of the Carameldansen Snake vids on Youtube.

  17. Marzen on August 19th, 2008 3:08 pm

    Damn it, I have that pic on my computer. Why didn’t I think to send it in? D:… Well, I didn’t know who made it before, but yeah =/

  18. killercartoons on August 19th, 2008 3:46 pm

    i have to laugh that shawn sang the reading rainbow song with this, when its a spongebob joke. good old spongebob….

  19. Romak on August 19th, 2008 3:52 pm

    Anyone up for a trip to Robot Pirate Island?

  20. chemical.kirby on August 19th, 2008 4:17 pm

    for thoes of you who don’t know
    it’s a sponge bob refence :]
    absoutly amazing

  21. Xerrobled on August 19th, 2008 4:32 pm


  22. Da Noob on August 19th, 2008 5:24 pm

    or maybe car racing, moutin climbing or drag racing?

  23. dimmiedrummer on August 19th, 2008 5:28 pm

    Mr. Handyside didn’t get the Spongebob reference at all!

  24. Twentay on August 19th, 2008 6:28 pm

    I agree
    It is funnier with our good friend Handyside missing the joke

  25. Minespatch on August 19th, 2008 6:38 pm

    I remember watching that show when I was little! When I used to live in LA! Ah, good times with the gangs… Good times…

  26. B-mac on August 19th, 2008 6:58 pm

    Yes, Handyside is slipping. xD

  27. CaptainBaconMan on August 19th, 2008 9:28 pm

    Didn’t the reading rainbow guy turn out to be a pedo and/or go insane and kill himself?

  28. Ripshot on August 20th, 2008 12:32 am


    but still high-larious

  29. Random Man on August 20th, 2008 12:50 am

    We don’t need TV when we have Imaaaaaaaaaginaaaaaation =D
    Hopeful the comment doesn’t stretch, sorry it if does 5/5

  30. sir1 on August 20th, 2008 1:54 am

    snake? snake?! snaaaaaaake!!

    so amazing. just perfect crossover. 5/5

  31. Blank-Mage on August 20th, 2008 3:14 am

    I friggen heart Reading Rainbow. Geordi LeForge for the epic engineering win.

  32. ThaDoggfather on August 20th, 2008 9:28 am

    Does that mean all of Snake’s adventures are just his imagination and it all happens in a box? ._. just kiddin, awesome picture, made me laugh lots =]

  33. Rodge on August 20th, 2008 11:19 am

    Hah good pic.

    Im surprised you know the words to Reading Rainbow , Shawn :P.

  34. Haywire on August 20th, 2008 12:11 pm


  35. Pigeon Army on August 20th, 2008 8:08 pm

    F is for fire that burns down the whole town
    U is for uranium…BOMB!
    N is for no survi-i-vors
    Down here in the deep blue…

  36. GRiM on August 20th, 2008 10:39 pm


    but really, this is a funny crossover. 5/5

  37. Haywire on August 22nd, 2008 12:03 am

    That’s because it’s a super special upside-down rainbow. Jeez, have some imagination. =D

  38. Deadalive on October 15th, 2008 3:20 pm

    I wonder what snake is thinking at

  39. Razuki on January 22nd, 2009 10:08 am

    Thinking the box is on him ? 0.o
    Or Super Snake :o

  40. Razuki on January 22nd, 2009 3:09 pm

    Probably that the box is on him o.o;

  41. Paiv on February 21st, 2009 12:55 pm

    Kids, don't get into boxes with creepy men who sneak around all day O_o"

  42. Pie Patroller on September 1st, 2009 1:38 pm

    Kinda sad that the captioner didn't get the Spongebob reference at all.

  43. Mordred on September 11th, 2009 12:55 pm

    Just me seeing the conection to ?

  44. SubGravity on January 31st, 2010 11:33 am

    Hmmz, I wonder if Snake is gonna go to Robot-Pirate Island?

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