[BONUS] Official Halolz Spray Pack #1

Official Halolz Spray Pack #1

We’ve been meaning to start putting these together for a while… official Halolz spray packs for use in your favorite Valve games! Collect them all! Great for use on Gentleman Heavy’s TF2 Server and other classy places!

This is just pack one, be on the lookout for more soon!
Download now!

[AUDIO] Dr. Nick

I don’t think that man has ever been to medical school! He may even be LESS qualified than Dr. Mario… if that’s even possible!
By JinnOwnzU

[VIDEO] Charger Sneak Attack

All I can think of is John Madden’s voice… “BOOM WHERE’D THAT TRUCK COME FROM!”
By MarphitimusBlackimus

[VIDEO] Left 4 Speed 2

By OneyNG



You don’t bring a knife to a gun fight, and you don’t bring a pistol to the zombie apocalypse.
By Spiderslash McDuffie

[VIDEO] What Happens When Coach Gets His Cheeseburger

We all know what happens when Louis gets his pills, but what happens when Coach gets his cheeseburgers? INSANITY THAT’S WHAT
By Mccoins


You can never have too many Nicks!
Submitted by Jake A.

[VIDEO] Heavy ÜberCharger

It’s the Heavy ÜberCharger! Well… minus the Über I guess…
Submitted by Jakorap

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