[VIDEO] Smash Eater

Oh you kids, I know how you love your animes! That’s why when Uzumakiclan43 sent in these two Smash Bros style Soul Eater openings I figured, I better post these to meet my new Halolz anime themed quota of the week!
Videos by and respectively.

Kirby & Yoshi Ouroboros

Kirby vs Yoshi

Like a dragon eating his own tail, these two are locked in an infinite spiral that can not possibly end well!
By long time troublemaker Brian Wilson

Merry Gamey Christmas

Merry Gamey Christmas
Click here for full view!

Christmas time, that time of year where friends and enemies come together to eat, drink and be merry! Also to play Rock Band.
By haruningster, submitted by several people

[VIDEO] The Wii Didn’t Start the Fire

Should it worry me that this song sums up my entire life in four minutes? Nah…
By PopeFriction, submitted by KHPandaZ and smashpro1

Super Smash Bros. Dinner Party

Super Smash Bros. Dinner Party
Click here for full view!

Luigi decided to invite everyone over to his place for Thanksgiving! What a nice guy!
Hmm speaking of which, where is our illustrious host?
Artist unknown, submitted by Victory63

[VIDEO] Two Best Friends Play Kirby’s Epic Yarn

“If we don’t kill these lovable little yarn creatures, the terrorists will win!”
By theswitcher, submitted by Matthew K.

[HALOLZWEEN] 2010 Contest Entries

Halolzween 2010 Halloween Pumpkin Contest Entries
Halolzween 2010 Halloween Pumpkin Contest Entries
Halolzween 2010 Halloween Pumpkin Contest Entries
Halolzween 2010 Halloween Pumpkin Contest EntriesHalolzween 2010 Halloween Pumpkin Contest Entries
Halolzween 2010 Halloween Pumpkin Contest Entries
Halolzween 2010 Halloween Pumpkin Contest Entries

The entries are in! Behold this year’s crop of video game themed pumpkins!

#1 – The Original Ghost Pump-kemon by Daniel Potvin
#2 – This is Halloween! by Tom Palmen
#3 – Homeworld by ceemdee
#4 – Sonic/Knuckles Pumpkin by LeeFlippinGreene
#5 – The Cake Is A Lie by Cubetony Licciardi
#6 – inb4 “who?” by TCC
#7 – Blue Knight by Kryfus
#8 – Gengar by CornballCoder
#9 – Pumpkin-Trap by Tom Palmen
#10 – Beyond Good & Evil by ceemdee
#11 – In Disguise Zoom by David Roy
#12 – I was told we would be carving pumkin! by ChimpoDelFuego
#13 – Prinny by kitamoo
#14 – King Boo by Sussi
#15 – Syndicate by ceemdee
#16 – Day of the Tentacle by ceemdee
#17 – Slimer by Sussi
#18 – Kirby’s Epic Yarn: Pumpkin “Patch” by BBeast
#19 – Spy Carvin My Pumpkin? NOPE by Tabetha Morango
#20 – Red Dead Redemption by ceemdee
#21 – Duskull by Ashley Randall
#22 – Hitman by ceemdee
#23 – GLaDOS Cake Core and Curiosity Core by LadyFiede
#24 – PumpKoffin’ (Pumpkin Koffing) by GengarKing
#25 – Creeper by ceemdee
#26 – Mr. Bubbles by Gene Cole
#27 – The Cake is a Lie… The Pumpkin is not. by Aaron “Ace” Hinds
#28 – Reaper and Reapette by Sussi
#29 – Pacman and Ghosts by Nick and Molly
#30 – Halo: Reach Haunted Helmet by Nick Everson
#31 – Fox McCloud by A Random Person
#32 – Old Snake takes out an Enemy Soldier by suicid3clutch
#33 – Max Payne 2 by ceemdee
#34 – Pokéball by ChimpoDelFuego
#35 – Oddworld by ceemdee
#36 – The Isshu starters, all dressed up for Halloween! by Bridgette Rockette
#37 – No King Rules Forever by Artais
#38 – The Orange Spy by ChimpoDelFuego
#39 – DeathSpank by ceemdee
#40 – Castle Crashers Animal Orb Rammy by Nick
#41 – Dungeon Keeper by ceemdee
#42 – Costume Quest by ceemdee
#43 – Guybrush by ceemdee

Man, what a great turn out this year! I tip my hat and monocle to all of you folks who sent in these awesome entries! And don’t forget, be sure to keep checking back during the course of today (Halloween day) as we announce this year’s winners! Stay tuned!

Video Game Zombies

Pokemon Starter Zombies

Video Game Zombies - Wario, Knuckles, Luma, Toon Link, Kirby

Sonic the Hedgehog and Yoshi Zombies (Halloween)
Earthbound NES Zombies

Avatar The Last Airbender - Zombies
Click here to zoom!

Nothing says Halloween like your favorite video game characters zombiefied! And just for the hell of it I threw in the zombified cast of Avatar The Last Airbender as well!
These were all done by my pal Josh Mirman! You can also check out his stuff on DeviantArt!

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