Stop me if you’ve heard this one… four Link’s walk into a bar…
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Posted by Shawn Handyside on November 19, 2011 · 5:32 PM 
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61 Responses to “[VIDEO] Read Only Memory Vol.1”

  1. BTSnoogans on November 19th, 2011 5:38 pm

    Captain N in mah Halolz? I never thought I'd see that.

  2. Psycroc on November 19th, 2011 5:41 pm


    Y U NO UPLOAD rel="nofollow">THIS YET

  3. Chimental on November 19th, 2011 5:50 pm

    Kiss me.


  4. Guppy on November 19th, 2011 5:53 pm

    "A" for effort, I suppose.

  5. LiquidMountain on November 19th, 2011 6:04 pm

    <img src="; border="'0'//">
    What the skunk turds was that about?

    EDIT: On an unrelated note…is there anyone out there who is yet to read Homestuck? <a href="” target=”_blank”>

  6. Alpar on November 19th, 2011 6:18 pm

    This video is obviously lies.

    First of all, every other Link would've killed the CD-i Link by now.
    Secondly, Links aren't supposed to talk in sentences.

    Thirdly, food is supposed to be sustained without maggots, worms, and other bugs when it's being kept for ages inside walls. What the hell's the matter with these people?! Dracula obviously put it there for a reason.

  7. GazzyW007 on November 19th, 2011 6:22 pm

    Mr BTSnoogans, I think now is the time to put Operation: Tribute into play. What say you?

  8. ChemicalKirby on November 19th, 2011 6:37 pm

    Uh…I think this is just youtube poop….

  9. CriticalQuit on November 19th, 2011 6:43 pm

    What the hell did I just watch?

    At least it had Punch-Out!! in it.

  10. TheInsaneWombat on November 19th, 2011 6:50 pm

    Some of these were actually pretty funny, I especially liked- <FLIP CASSETTE TO SIDE B>

  11. killercartoons on November 19th, 2011 6:52 pm

    The sh!t you post sometimes..

    I admit, I'm mostly just bitter because stuff I send in doesn't get posted, but seriously I thought this was just garbage..

  12. HughbertEsq on November 19th, 2011 6:54 pm

    Just be thankful it wasn't a piri-piri chicken pizza!

  13. C__F on November 19th, 2011 7:43 pm

    Ben & Jerry's.


  14. Rahcaz on November 19th, 2011 7:47 pm

    Shawn they're turning against you again.
    Quick distract them with comic post!

  15. HughbertEsq on November 19th, 2011 8:10 pm

    How aboot this one Shawn-y-kins? rel="nofollow"> rel="nofollow">

  16. TomQuoVadis on November 19th, 2011 8:38 pm

    Mildly unfunny posts? In my Halolz?

    <img src=>

  17. MasterLuigi452 on November 19th, 2011 9:51 pm

    Four Links walking into a bar eh?
    Am I expecting Four Swords Adventure 2?

  18. Jimmy on November 19th, 2011 10:20 pm

    You know Shawn, sometimes I think that you pull these submissions out from a very small hat…

  19. Drjolt on November 19th, 2011 10:50 pm

    Micheal Angelo always eats the pizzas. Even if it's been rotting in a sewer….. (Sorry if i misspelled his name.)

  20. Apceros on November 19th, 2011 11:22 pm

    Their fates seemed… Linked.

  21. Od Sul on November 20th, 2011 3:47 am
  22. AManWithACloak on November 20th, 2011 11:21 am

    It's like Robot Chicken, but not as funny.

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